bear off

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Synonyms for bear off

remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state

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friend filmed the attack before thinking to scare the bear off
I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof and then I'm going to climb up and knock the bear off with this baseball bat.
Two weeks prior, state environmental police shot and killed an adolescent male black bear off I-290 in Worcester.
Wolverines are fearless and ferocious and will drive a grizzly bear off a kill.
Honored along with him, posthumously, was the Canadian man who died saving Kelly's life by wrestling the bear off the wounded boy.
The pooch was chained up but scared the bear off with its big barks
Thomas was presented with the first ever Teesside Hospice Lotto bear off the production line as his prize.
When I looked down at the back of the bolt I realized that the firing pin was in the fired position and that I was not going to be able to finish this bear off.
In 2000, he shot and wounded his assistant, Deborah Fuller, while trying to scare a bear off his land.
Follow the clear indicated way but be aware to take the yellow arrowed direction at a division of the main track to bear off to the left.
Running out of time against the advancing water, I dug a length of line from my pack, threw a basket hitch around the boulder and tied the bear off to my impromptu anchor.
He's one of my best mates and he's also a lovable teddy bear off the pitch, believe it or not.
The racers however showed great calm in the situation and standing shoulder to shoulder banged their ski sticks together over their heads and this scared the bear off.