bear hug

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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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As Connor was being held back in a bear hug, Gibson stabbed him.
Thomas then placed the officer in a bear hug and squeezed hard.
Then, they grab the victim from behind, squeezing the arms to the body in a bear hug.
When cosmonaut Yuri Romaneko returned to Eartjh after spending ten months in Russia's Mir space station, his colleagues wanted to give him the usual Russian greeting--a bear hug.
Deacon Deason, at Bear Hug Grips, explains how replacement grips breakdown: "The lion's share of the aftermarket grip market belongs to the synthetic materials," he says.
Patrick and I had a competition at the end to see who could give out the best bear hug - well, of course, I won that one, paws down
He agreed with Judge O'Connor that the alleged clinch could be described as a bear hug.
The author of 'My Booky Wook 2' embraced another reader into a bear hug while signing a copy of his second autobiography at Barnes and Noble in New York.
A fight broke out and O'Brien put Woodward in a bear hug and bit him three times.
Written and illustrated by Nicholas Oldland, "Big Bear Hug" is a joyous romp of a story about a bear who loves everything and everyone so much that he gives them all big bear hugs.
Then he gave Will Smith, Jaden's dad and co-star, a bear hug before taking a seat with Katie Holmes in the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood.
Mr Todd revealed yesterday that Det Con Oake held Bourgass in a bear hug while he lashed out with a large kitchen knife, clinging on until he was subdued and disarmed by colleagues, despite being stabbed himself.
What: Bear hug followed by three quick kisses to alternate cheeks, sometimes with one directly on the lips
I can not even imagine what is like to have such sensitive skin that you can not get a big bear hug or feel anxious being in crowds in case someone bumps into you.
But at the final whistle - with England crushing the Springboks 25-6 - he lifted Jane off her feet in a bear hug as they both yelled for joy.