bear claw

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almond-flavored yeast-raised pastry shaped in an irregular semicircle resembling a bear's claw


an incised design resembling the claw of a bear

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claw of a bear

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Given the popularity of Bear Claw Brewery's current range of hand-crafted beers, however, whatever Rikki eventually serves up is likely to be a festival winner.
You might have to wait an hour or more for that pizza or bear claw.
Interesting project directions include make your own Katsina doll, Mayan glyphs, bear claw necklace, soft twine bag, and many more.
As Moldenke chewed on the bear claw and rolled balls of it on his tongue before swallowing, his aunt made a strenuous but successful effort to turn herself onto her side and say, "Why do I care, really?
Vital-Shok Trophy Bonded Bear Claw presents two new options.
I've had good success bear hunting with my 30:06 and 180 grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets.
The Denali product line consists of more than 30 flavors, including Bear Claw, Bear Foot, Mother Lode, and Caramel Caribou.
JK: I like to go to the local S&S and pick up like a bear claw or anything.
A bullet of 180-grains would be my choice in your calibers and good choices would include Federal Premium with the tried-and-true Nosier Partition or Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Winchester Supreme with Fail Safe or AccuBond, Remington loaded with Swift A-Frame or Scirocco, Bonded Core-Lokt or Black Hills with Barnes Triple Shock or Nosier AccuBond bullets.
The bunker isn't quite as tricky, or as beautiful, as the bear claw sand trap that highlights the short Hole No.
Jamie Osborne is in treble form at Kempton, with wins for Bear Claw, trained by Oliver Sherwood, The Frog Prince, trained by Nick Gaselee, and Fired Earth, trained by James Fanshawe.
One time he was offered a fat wet suit deal from Bear Claw Wet Boards, but Timmy said the whole sponsorship thing just clouded his mind.
Pauline Johnson's mystique as a performer depended as much on elegant London couture as on an exotic Native costume, based on an illustration of Minnehaha, wife of Hiawatha, taken from a copy of Longfellow's epic poem she had read as a child, embellished with Mohawk silverwork, wampum belts, bear claw necklace, scalping knife and scalp.
Reddin accepts the author's sincerity of purpose, but points out that when Catlin's audiences grew bored with his painting-and-lecture format, he was not above donning a grizzly bear claw or piercing the air with a war cry to heighten intrigue and augment income.