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Considering the small number of artefacts, highly fragmented nature of bones, high representation of cave bear bones (including infants) and paucity of bones with cut/burn marks we suggest occasional visitation rather than human settlement of Pod Hradem during the EUP.
Radiocarbon dates for unmodified cave bear bone and teeth from Pod Hradem, 2011-2012 excavations (Levels 3-8, Squares A-C).
Halfe's first book, Bear Bones and Feathers, was also short-listed for a number of awards and won the 1996 Milton Acorn Award for poetry.
Bear bones from this level are attributed to Ursus deningeri by Altuna (1972).
Reconstructions have been proposed suggesting that the bear bone is a segment of a flute about 37 cm long and capable of playing the entire seven-note scale on which Western music is based (Fink 1997).
8 the fact that they were able to replicate the 'flute' holes by piercing a bear bone using a stone tool and a wood hammer;
Upon reaching the cavern in 2002, the investigators saw cave bear bones lying everywhere.
Amid a pile of bear bones in one chamber sat a partial skull that mimicked the previous find in its mix of seemingly modern and primitive human characteristics.
Prehistoric, carnivore-chewed bear bones in two Spanish caves display circular punctures aligned in much the same way as those on the Slovenian find.
Amid much media fanfare, a research team in 1996 trumpeted an ancient, hollowed-out bear bone pierced on one side with four complete or partial holes as the earliest known musical instrument.
Investigators have found remnants of fires, pieces of flint, human footprints, and numerous bear bones on the floor of the cave.
Whatever the circulating substance, bear bones remain metabolically active throughout denning and their recycling of bone seems to mirror their recycling of protein.
In the spring, bear bones remodel, adding material to the "main pressure points where bones support the body," Nelson explains.
Floyd says he is "going to continue to look at both captive and wild bear bone metabolism and will try to work toward identifying and isolating a serum factor that may be the responsible factor.