bear's breeches

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widely cultivated southern European acanthus with whitish purple-veined flowers

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Autumn colour in the herbaceous border has taken a bit of a hammering from the rain this year, so much so that no sooner had the monkshoods, the bear's breeches and toad lilies flowered than they were flattened by the latest in a succession of storms.
Broad herbaceous borders demand dramatic planting and few herbaceous plants can equal acanthus, otherwise known as bear's breeches, for architectural presence.
Not only does the book highlight recent additions to the Southern landscape such as bear's breeches, Japanese fiber banana, and angelonias, but new varieties of old favorites get renewed attention from Winter's text: bachelor buttons in three heights, a renewed popularity of butterfly weed, and a purple-leafed variety of elephant ears, well-known for their tolerance of sun and humidity.
If you know a plant is called Bear's Breeches, type it in and it will give you the botanical name - click a button and you can reverse the process finding common from the botanical.
Great cottage-style choices include: paeonies, montbretia, bear's breeches, anemones, day lilies, madonna lilies, lupins, verbascum, oriental poppies, phlox, pinks, delphiniums, aquilegia and pansies.