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a small skullcap


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In fact, it was Warner's obsession with detail that led to the strategy of "retiring" certain Beanies.
In November 1993, toy tycoon Ty Warner introduced Beanie Babies at the Smoky Mountain Gift Show in Gatlinburg, Tenn.
I found a seamstress, Ann Moore, who helped me get started and we made 100 beanies.
Beanies is a premium freeze dried coffee, which is flavoured using a process unique to Beanies which infuses the flavour throughout the coffee, giving the drinker a delicious, deeply flavourful taste.
A YOUNG mother from Wrexham who suffered hair loss during chemotherapy has launched her own range of beanie hats and is in the running for a top award.
She said: "One day Emma told me that Ty Warner, who created the Ty Beanies, was retiring them all for the millennium.
Manly said he's been able to find plenty of beanies at garage sales and rummage sales.
Her brother saw the Beanies as a business venture, and he eventually began buying and selling them at flea markets.
Owing to high demand for Beanies, the shop held a draw for the toys.
Now some of them, including Liam Hartley-Davies, six, and four-year-old Isaiah Lynn-Edwards, are getting the chance to say thank you to Mike Kanzler, boss of American toy firm Ty Inc, which makes Beanies.
At first sight, the Britannia beanies in our picture look identical.
Beanies The Flavour Co manufactures a growing range of coffees, with 16 instant coffee and 30 whole bean flavours already available and more in development.