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a baseball deliberately thrown at the batter's head


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A beanball is a pitch intentionally thrown at the batter's
1) But at what point does a beanball pitch or a spikes-up slide in baseball, a late hit in football, or an aggressive soccer slide tackle transcend the code of acceptable behavior and sportsmanship that governs participation in sport?
The beanball wars are on, and so is the endless assault on sportsmanship's sensibilities.
There were plenty of ejections in the game, but Hugh McMullen was not among the ejectees--ironic because in a letter written by McMullen 55 years later, Hughie admitted that he had indeed spiked Betts intentionally in retaliation for a beanball Betts had thrown a few pitches earlier.
Especially intriguing is Wendel's frank and frightening examination of the beanball, which uncovers a taboo subject in a game dominated by macho athletes: fear.
Through the years, Red Sox players have had to duck fastballs from opposing pitchers down here and while they're not about to duck questions about the past beanball wars, they're tired of talking about them.
Through the years, brawls in the majors have been triggered for various reasons: A beanball or brushback pitch, a nasty, crashing slide against an infielder at second or third, a knockdown collision at home, or profane, smart-ass words that make a player lose all restraint.
Levitt and Trandel, White, and Klein contend that the number of batters hit by pitches rose in the American League after 1973, not because pitchers had less to fear from retaliation directed against them personally, but because the substitution of hard-hitting DHs for weak-hitting pitchers made beanball more profitable: AL team managers had more to gain from placing designated hitters on base by instructing pitchers to plunk them than from giving free passes to pitchers, who otherwise represent easy outs.
The league fired a beanball at the head of CBC Distribution and Marketing, Inc.
The following night, a beanball exchange ended with Adam Kennedy charging Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman.
In his few years in the majors, he had been involved with a number of beanball incidents.
The sense of frontier justice that surrounds baseball -- an eye for an eye, a beanball for a beanball, a long-held Dodgers' grudge for a never-ending Giants' grudge -- begins a long way below the major leagues, and maybe even in the womb.
I can still recall hearing Ron Santo's jaw break after he was hit by a beanball thrown by "Fat Jack" Fisher.
The beanball epitomizes baseball's sense of destiny.