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a baseball deliberately thrown at the batter's head


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2) Trandel, White, and Klein buttress their conclusion that moral hazard has little to do with beanball by emphasizing the greater returns to throwing at an opposing team's star batter rather than at its pitcher and by reporting some data suggesting that National League pitchers are hit by pitches less often than other players are and, hence, tend not to be the targets of retaliation.
The sense of frontier justice that surrounds baseball -- an eye for an eye, a beanball for a beanball, a long-held Dodgers' grudge for a never-ending Giants' grudge -- begins a long way below the major leagues, and maybe even in the womb.
The beanball epitomizes baseball's sense of destiny.
But with Giants manager Felipe Alou serving a one-game suspension for a beanball incident last season, Wotus, Alou's bench coach, decided to pull Rueter after five innings and 83 pitches, which isn't far off Rueter's normal limit.
That's it," was Youkilis' response to the beanball after the game.
Guerrero said he and Boone were ``fine,'' but said he really ``didn't know and didn't care'' if Boone's explanation that he did not order Madritsch to serve up a beanball was true.
Not until the end: After Mike Scioscia's ejection Saturday and the beanball incident Sunday, Monday's game went smoothly right up to the final pitch.
Grissom's beanball response: The Diamondbacks clearly were unhappy with Grissom's steal in the fourth inning of Wednesday's game with the Dodgers leading 8-0.
DENVER - The long, difficult and disappointing season for Dodgers right-hander Ismael Valdes took another bad turn Friday when he was suspended for six games for a beanball incident Aug.
Sunday-night fights: At first glance, the beanball that former JetHawk Brett Hinchliffe threw at Todd Greene to trigger a brawl between the Mariners and Angels on Sunday would seem to be planned.
By the sixth inning, Quartz Hill High's Johnny Smith was shivering cold, sopping wet and hurting from a beanball to his elbow last time up.
A gifted athlete, college man, and fierce competitor, Robinson was chosen to be first through the racial barrier (though not the first black man in pro ball; that distinction belongs to the 19th-century catcher Moses Fleetwood Walker) in part because he was smart enough to heed Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey's instructions to greet the inevitable abuse--death threats, beanballs, a constant barrage of hideous insults--by turning the other cheek.
Breaking the barrier of racism while enduring racial taunts, beanballs, and death threats would have been a daunting challenge for any man.
You'll find the likes of Tamarind BBQ Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes among the tofu and tempeh dishes, and the pasta and noodle entrees feature Ginger Bok Choy and Soba, and Cajun Beanballs and Spaghetti.