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having a shape resembling a bean

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A single helping of spinach is enough to increase the efficiency of mitochondria, small bean-shaped bodies which fuel cell activity and growth.
The research centres on DNA in mitochondria - bean-shaped bodies in cells that act like batteries to generate energy.
The diseases are caused by defective DNA in mitochondria - bean-shaped bodies in cells that act like batteries to generate energy.
The pear-green, chubby, kidney bean-shaped fruits are the size of huge avocados.
Data released at the meeting reveal the kidneys look like the twin bean-shaped organs.
The giant kidney bean-shaped bag eliminates the need to package a relatively large passenger airbag in the instrument panel, and can reduce the cost of that piece by eliminating the need for an engineered door that opens with the airbag deployment.
To accomplish this, we used lots of matching pairs, such as the twin butter bean-shaped loveseats, placed back-to-back, with occasional chairs flanked around each.
This island, measuring just 430 square kilometres, is a bean-shaped paradise.
Scientists followed a trail which led to the mitochondria ( bean-shaped powerplants in cells that supply energy.
Consumer magazine Toy Wishes also has assembled a list of the top 10 travel toys for kids that includes the Marvel Mighty Beanz, bean-shaped characters in the likeness of Spider-Man and Wolverine that can dance and perform back flips ($5.
The kidney bean-shaped dash has plenty of curves and a retro clock sits proudly on top.
Then, using crayons, pencils, and markers, students try their hand at sketching walking cats, jelly bean-shaped noses, big animal eyes, and superheroes.
The pewter Noughts and Crosses Board (right), priced at pounds 20, as well as the chrome Bean-Shaped Calculator (left), priced pounds 30, will certainly bring novelty to any office desk.
These are northern cousins of the banana, if bananas can be pale green-blue and potato shaped, and possessed of large bean-shaped, tooth cracking seeds if bitten into without caution.
Flowers range from the small to the large and-showy, and the fruit is generally in the form of a pod or legume, which opens on two lines and has bean-shaped fruit.