bean weevil

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larvae live in and feed on growing or stored beans

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Bean weevils, conclude the researchers, represent an unusually clear example of the evolutionary male-female arms race.
They observed 97 percent mortality among bean weevil larvae in those beans, compared with an average 7 percent mortality in susceptible beans.
Some species parasitize the eggs of cosmopolitan insect pests such as the bean weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say), and the cowpea weevils Callosobruchus maculatus F.
The analyzed individuals came from insects that were bred in the laboratory on the bean weevil, Acanthoscelides obtectus.
He whooped with joy as he emptied cockroaches on to the kitchen worktops, released bean weevils into food jars, mice into the living room, flies into the air.
My broad beans are making good growth and have relished the rain and the sun of early April, but there are notches appearing in the leaves caused by these almost invisible grey bean weevils.