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Bean plants are cultivated in several types of production systems and periods of the year.
there were inadequate activities of the studied antioxidant enzymes activities to scavenge ROS produced in faba bean plant under drought and to some extent proline might act as protectant under water stress conditions.
Remove the paper towels from the jars, and carefully lift off the bean plants.
All treatments gave insignificant increments in root dry weight of faba bean plants in the second site throughout all sampling times compared to control.
The Orgasol Green Touch life cycle starts with the castor bean plant named Ricinus communis.
With titles like "Goldilocks and the Three Gorillas" and "Jack and the Very Tall Bean Plant," the reproducible scripts are designed to motivate kids to participate in the production and foster a love of reading.
The higher rainfall in fall may have led to higher soil moisture and the increased growth of fungi, resulting in root rot and ultimately bean plant mortality.
Some years ago I had noticed that one bean plant had produced unusually-coloured seeds, ones I had neither seen nor planted before--I am very meticulous about the seeds I plant.
05) by field bean plant density and intercropping with sweetpotato.
The castor bean plant is highly ornamental, its sharply and deeply lobed leaves turning attractive shades of scarlet and burgundy in the fall.
The poison, derived from the castor bean plant, is extremely deadly in tiny amounts.
We starved field-collected, adult big-eyed bugs for 24 h and then placed a single bug onto a caged, potted lima bean plant with or without pods, and with one of the treatment combinations of focal prey and alternative prey.
The problem is that the processors want the beans, but they definitely don't want the frogs - or the velvet leaf pods, the green bean plant material such as stems and knuckles, and the other green bounties that can turn up in a shipment.
A few years later, my wife saw a little boy climbing our prize-winning bean plant.