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an accountant or bureaucrat who is believed to place undue emphasis on the control of expenditures

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Such good news for minorities must be disheartening for the bean counters, who have made a career out of underestimating them.
After the great chewdunnit at Trent Bridge, jelly bean counters were on red alert when Strauss (left) dipped into team-mate Monty Panesar's bag of sweets during the final npower Test.
But by 1970, ``the bean counters had begun to work their black magic,'' he said.
What is it with the transport bean counters - do they think that somehow the demand for a reasonably comfortable journey into town is somehow less imperative on this line?
ABOUT 3500 bowel-cancer sufferers in Scotland are missing out on a breakthrough drug - because bean counters won't sanction the treatment.
And here we have our hapless bean counters making it easier for the fat cats to avoid paying more.
And they're a damn sight more use than the bean counters who came up with this ridiculous edict.
So the bean counters, using whatever formula they derive, would estimate how many are missing.
Word has it that the company's bean counters are in discussion with potential partners such as Yahoo
This case goes far beyond Stacey and Larry; it reinforces a constitutional principle (that judges) are not robots or bean counters, it allows them to use their learning and wisdom to fashion a fair sentence.
Its dangers may have been unleashed simply because it was rushed on to the market by the company bean counters.
MANAGER Ian Holloway spoke up for Rangers' fans by warning the bean counters to leave the club alone and ditch plans for a merger with Wimbledon.
THE bean counters of Europe are taking a very keen interest in Ireland's economy.
No fewer than 333 bean counters last year pocketed more than pounds 250,000 as a "partnership profit" (my phrase for a lucrative marriage) with 24 of them on between pounds 500,00 and pounds 800,000.
Civil juries have saved countless lives that corporate bean counters have endangered.