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an accountant or bureaucrat who is believed to place undue emphasis on the control of expenditures

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The bean counter will find a game that she can beat, and will tend to do one of two things: either continue to stay in the game for months or even years on end, accumulating tiny slices of profit; or move up in stakes only when there is a mountain of money in the bankroll.
He says that by refocusing on the customer, and allowing car guys rather than bean counters to drive the design, manufacturing and selling of new products, Western firms like GM can be restructured and reborn.
cortisone shots, batting gloves, closers, bean counters.
Gone are the days of cholera, open sewers and death by in growing toenail, yet local government bean counters expect neighbourhoods to live with rotting chicken carcases and mountains of stinking nappies for two weeks.
It's time the bean counters pulled their fingers out.
DSG partner Chris Wheatley said: "We are not just traditional bean counters - we work with new companies, who need guidance with their business plans and help with raising finance.
Does anyone, apart from the Big Three's bean counters, want the shops open 24/7?
The purpose of the piece was to provide subscribers ammunition to protect their in-house publications from the pointy-headed bean counters.
Apparently, today's bean counters are equipped with all sorts of modern machinery and, thanks to a new partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the University of Hawaii School of Accountancy now has its very own state-of-the-art technology center, complete with laptop computers, wireless Internet and furniture that simulates a real-world office setting.
Technological innovation--a competitive weapon and a critical component of increased productivity--could be compromised by transferring the IT function from should-be visionary CEOs to fastidious bean counters.
Why some bean counters have determined that we can do this bill on the cheap when the infrastructure needs of this country are crying out for repair is beyond me,'' said Rep.
He thinks The Industry Standard was a great little publication that could and should have been saved, and would have been saved if the bean counters at IDG hadn't hewn to their own agendas.
One can also appreciate how the bean counters want to be able to close the books with a positive result against any negative expense.
The MBAs and bean counters of the world are (or have) destroyed innovation for the sake of the bottom line only.