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Synonyms for beamy

giving off or reflecting light readily or in large amounts

Synonyms for beamy

broad in the beam

Related Words

radiating or as if radiating light

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The light breeze was a tough test of the beamy Oceanis 35 but the hull showed itself to be slippery and nimble, showing 4.
3) were beamy, shallow draft, center-board schooners and typically ranged from 5 to 35 tons (Collins, 1887; Rathbun, 1887).
With her beamy lines and center cockpit, Windlust doesn't exactly say, speed, but even tied to the dock, she fairly shouts pleasure.
Post-1945 escorts were given slow-turning propellers and comparatively beamy and deep hulls to maximise sustained speed in rough weather.
As outboard power increased over the last 20 years, the beamy, 30-and 40-foot inboard sportfishers gave way to leaner center console hulls.
The impression was like wearing headphones, and while it was very good it also suggested that these speakers might not be the most flexible around, probably because the curved stators are very beamy.
And we liked rustic, beamy national park architecture.
This Rob Humphreys designed, open-transomed 35-footer comes with all the most modern features--twin rudders to track the beamy hard chined hull and a bowsprit to fly big asymmetries--while below, a deep T-keel ensures good stability.
95, Gap; black trousers, PS11, pack of two, Debenhams Dylan wears: SchoolRock shoes, PS30, Clarks Kids; white shirt, PS10, pack of two, burgundy V-neck, PS6, black trousers, PS11, pack of two, all Debenhams Caitlin wears: Beamy Dream shoes, from PS25, Clarks Kids; white shirt, PS14.
Recently I joined a Broward County crew aboard a beamy center console outfitted to the gills for swordfishing and other bluewater pursuits.
What was never remarked was that this tightness occurred only in the treble--no one has really succeeded in making the midrange and lower midrange beamy.
As the boat's design brief is intended to deliver superior sailing performance whether pointing up or downwind, the aft section doesn't present as much wetted surface as a typical 'downwind flyer', instead electing to elevate the beamy stern to minimise drag up and downwind in light conditions yet induce low speed transitional planing mode when racing downwind in VMG or reaching in following seas.
Deep-jigging, too, is a worthwhile approach on a beamy bay rig.