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a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal length

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Heck, many of today's younger handloaders have never even enjoyed the time consuming, head scratching and headache inducing pleasure offered by a traditional balance beam scale.
The electronic scale stabilizes within a second or so, but even the best magnetic damping on a beam scale takes many times longer.
Museum visitors can learn about the first beam scales and what a 'bismar' weighing instrument is (used from the Shetlands to Burma).
From the Fourth Dynasty (mid third millennium) onwards weights securely dated by inscriptions become more frequent (Cour-Marty 1997; Rahmstorf 2006a: 14), and from the Fifth Dynasty we have the first actual depictions of beam scales (Rahmstorf 2006a: 18).
Beam scales were supplied to Customs collectors so foreign merchants with English money could pay duty in gold or silver.
The occasional exception was the use of balance beam scales for filling by weight.
Types of end products include engine control units, cellular telephones, touch screens, electronic load beam scales, household appliances, blood oximeter sensors and satellites.