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The internally funded research and development demonstration was achieved by combining many fiber lasers into a single, near-perfect quality beam of light all while using approximately 50 percent less electricity than alternative solid-state laser technologies.
The trick is to create a gap in the beam of light, have the hidden event occur as the gap goes by and then stitch the beam back together.
Padilla and researcher Nathan Landy found that the device could steer a beam of light along the boundary of the US, stretching from Michigan to Maine, down the seaboard, around Florida and into the Louisiana bayou.
Ernesto Klar, an MFA candidate in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design won first place for on "Convergenze parallele," an audiovisual installation in which airborne dust particles passing through a beam of light are tracked, visualized and sonified in real-time by a custom software system--creating a digital painting of random traces of unseen motion.
As reported in the journal Nature, Intel researchers split a beam of light into two separate beams as it passed through silicon, and then used a transistor-like device to hit one beam with an electric charge, inducing a phase shift between the two arms.
Of all these sculptures, Hydrant, 2003, is closest to being an object as one would find it in everyday life, sitting low on the ground and lit by a single, bright beam of light.
In this case, it is the beam of light that emanates from Jesus' head.
Perhaps most disturbingly of all, he reported this thing throwing a beam of light down at the nearby countryside and fields just beyond the perimeter fence at the base.
Thus, some of Valldosera's installations incorporated cleaning and hygiene products, among them Shelf for a Hospital Bathroom, I992, which consists of objects from a medicine chest illuminated by a beam of light.
The vertical, rectangular profile of the tower is sliced in two by a curved beam of light.
The Sunnex PM lights give off no peripheral glow, and provide a straight beam of light that focuses only or the task at hand.
lamps (which) provides an extremely even beam of light that keeps shadows to a minimum.
For instance, says Marquez, a beam of light could drive nanoparticles to aggregate in solution, forming a capsule that could store medicines and eventually release them in a patient's body.
Once a firearm is properly equipped with laser sights then all that is necessary is to project a pinpoint beam of light on a target and pull the trigger.
The Nexera utilizes a set of cyan, magenta, and yellow dichroic filters, which are introduced into the beam of light, controlled by DMX values set at the lighting console.