beam balance

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a balance consisting of a lever with two equal arms and a pan suspended from each arm

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Near the end of the 19th century, the ordinary beam balance -- widely used in analytical chemistry -- rivaled the Cavendish balance as the chief instrument for determining G.
In an approach unique among fifth force experiments, Speake and Quinn used a beam balance to measure potential attractions between objects.
While traditional equipment, such as the triple beam balance, is still used to achieve optimum outcomes in pharmaceutical laboratories, the latest generation of digital laboratory balances has greatly elevated precision and accuracy within the lab.
The PLAYSTATION 3 system version makes use of the SIXAXIS[TM] wireless controller's motion-sensing technology for beam balance mechanics.
A simple beam balance mechanical scale is just fine.
All OSC systems utilize a patented fiber beam delivery system and are equipped with fully automated pitch selection, automated beam centering, beam balance, and dose calibration along with complete system optimization through the click of a mouse, all of which require minimal operator involvement.
The equipment includes pin gauges, calipers, triple beam balances, micrometers, surface texture analyzers, ultra phonic detectors and digital force gauges.