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resembling the beak of a bird

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Head: Clypeus flattened, elliptoid, distally rounded (Figs 4g, 14); distally, extending below bucculae (Figs 4g, 14); frontal plate extending below dorsal margin of clypeus, with a beaklike appearance, strongly tapered posteriorly (Figs.
2009), it is clear that we are dealing with a particularly hybrid creature, with attributes that we can hardly recognise or describe: a four-legged creature with a long and seemingly powerful beaklike snout and leathery skin.
Primary achalasia is characterized on barium studies by a dilated, flaccid esophagus with absent primary peristalsis in the esophageal body and impaired opening of the LES, causing a smooth, tapered, beaklike narrowing of the distal esophagus at or directly adjacent to the gastroesophageal junction (Figure 1).
THE SCHNOZ is huge, beaklike and pale, the kind of thing you might see on one of those toy Groucho Marx glasses and eyebrow sets.
To emphasize a birdlike quality and downplay their actual humanness, the swans' bodies are whitened with makeup, and long, black, beaklike stripes decorate their brows.
Some possess a beaklike sharpness (aligning their characters with the crows that make regular appearances in these books), while others are as blocky as ice cubes--not surprising, given that Lemire's stories are set in Southern Ontario and feature men and boys who love hockey.
Clifton Taylor's vivid lighting flashes streaks of sunlight through clouds, and birdlike costumes by Willa Kim--rich russet, green, and blue bodysuits with feathery trim and beaklike visors--reinforce the dance's intriguing blend of animal instinct and human nature.
Face-1 and Face-2 (all works 2002) depict members of the flamboyantly futuristic G-Force intently staring out at the viewer, their piercing eyes shielded by translucent, beaklike visors.