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Antonyms for beakless

not having a beak or bill


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But "Black Power" is more than just an "emphasis," a neutral attitude, since its passivity, its restraint, is fierce and formidable enough to disarm the White bird of prey's beak--"dispossessions beakless.
Likewise, when KFC was accused of breeding beakless, footless and featherless chickens, to make factory-farming easier, it had to put a message to the contrary on its website.
country, featherless & beakless, these hens that
Species of section Siderostictae have leaves much broader than in most carices, androgynous spikes often binate or ternate at the inflorescence nodes, beakless perigynia with obtuse pistillate scales, and they occasionally have rachillae with terminal male flowers protruding from the perigynia.