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having eyes that gleam with malice

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Our beady-eyed snapper caught the 22-year-old Russian beauty sneaking out for a crafty fag during a house-hunting expedition in LA.
And more importantly, the 30-year-old certainly looked proud of them when our beady-eyed snapper caught her nipping into her favourite hair salon earlier this week.
He was due to fly to Europe for a guest appearance and has a beady-eyed tourist to thank for finding it in an airport lavatory.
But the most beady-eyed account watchers are those who can access their balances through mobile phones and the internet via the TV - with 12 per cent admitting to checking their accounts four times a day or more.
The grey neck of the much smaller, beady-eyed jackdaw contrasts with the rest of its black plumage.
The tiny beady-eyed rat bird with tiny teeth like a shark's
Have no fear, they return home safely as early morning walks reveal the trail often with long-tailed, beady-eyed creatures enjoying the feast, stubbornly refusing to scuttle away when one passes.
After weeks of watching his hens like a beady-eyed hawk, Sharif is delighted when one of them finally delivers the goods.
Samantha Burke sounds a beady-eyed opportunist whose lawyer is hovering to demand a big pay-out from Law, including a percentage of his future earnings.
According to one Sunday newspaper, not only do the footballers have to put up with their high-spending other halves, now they have to endure their beady-eyed mother-in-laws moving in next door.
Luckily Stacey comes to the rescue, but the sparky intimacy between her and Kush doesn't go unnoticed by a beady-eyed Nancy.
According to beady-eyed onlookers, the celebrity couple was apparently stealing smooches inside the venue and couldn't keep their hands off each other.
They, too, I would have sworn expressed a range of emotions from anger to contentment through a single blank and beady-eyed stare.
Plans to recruit them as beady-eyed government spies is amoral and politically bankrupt.