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Synonyms for beadwork

ornamentation with beads

a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture

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Depending upon the thickness and quality of the broadcloth, it should be backed with some form of cotton fabric as you do the beadwork, by basting it to the back side of the pieces after cutting.
The second display revealed the influence of beadwork on Western fashion in a selection of clothing, including sparkling dresses.
The detailed description of the Peranakan Chinese women and culture in chapter 3 provides readers with a good understanding of the social roles of Nyonya beadwork.
She carries her beadwork with her wherever she goes, she said.
The 19th century saw beadwork items of all kinds being produced by women in the home, often following patterns published in magazines.
Beadwork ceases to be "beadwork" if one uses a glue gun instead of needle and thread.
Inuit seamstresses in different cultural regions developed distinctive beadwork styles that included individualized characteristics.
The double duvet cover set costs EUR59 with a pair of matching pillowcases, EUR25, two cushion cases, EUR22 and faux silk throw with handcrafted beadwork and embroidery detail, EUR88.
He's found math in beadwork, basket weaving, Navajo rugs, modern music, and even cornrow hairstyles.
Pow Wows are a lot more than just a bunch of people gathering together to dance in elaborate costumes, plumage, and beadwork.
Short courses in crochet; digital imagery; drawing and painting; fashion illustration; and beadwork start on Saturday ; from 10am unil 4pm followed by four evening classes, at the Middlesbrough site and Church Square, Hartlepool; costing pounds 100.
A leading US beadwork artist invited peers to fashion a wearable piece inspired by beadwork from another culture/era.
If I feel down, I turn to my beadwork and it picks me up.
Magazine titles include Spin-Off, Handwoven, Interweave Knits, Beadwork, Natural Home and Piecework.
Walking into the Lessons from the Earth exhibition at Thunder Bay Art Gallery, one is greeted by large pieces that look for all the world like fine beadwork.