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Synonyms for beadwork

ornamentation with beads

a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture

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Extremely well executed beadwork is what defines these matching jingle outfits.
Journeys in Beadwork at the Shipley Art Gallery offered two new exhibitions showcasing African beadwork, both traditional and contemporary-style.
As well as the main piece of art, we also have a pair of beadwork mukluks (boots to you and me) and a child''s buckskin dress.
The structure of beadwork is technically geometric and that kind of form is perfect for machine knitting.
A black chiffon dress by Elie Saab with custom beadwork across the bodice.
The booths and displays showed an array of First Nations and Metis crafts including items of jewellery, beadwork, pow-wow regalia, oil paintings, beaded lamps, wedding cakes and tipis.
SHAPED BEADWORK is an outstanding jewelry crafting guide for any who would weave patterns to make lovely two- and three-dimensional forms.
ALTHOUGH many people are aware of North American beadwork, fewer people realise there is a British tradition of beadwork stretching back to the Middle Ages.
Zulu beadwork has been studied, written about and exhibited for cultural, esthetic and historic reasons.
Parties around the bead theme are also launched in the store so guests can beadwork bracelets,earrings and necklaces.
Inuit seamstresses in different cultural regions developed distinctive beadwork styles that included individualized characteristics.
The double duvet cover set costs EUR59 with a pair of matching pillowcases, EUR25, two cushion cases, EUR22 and faux silk throw with handcrafted beadwork and embroidery detail, EUR88.
Types of activities covered include beadwork, candle making, gardening, leatherwork, paper crafts, and more.
He's found math in beadwork, basket weaving, Navajo rugs, modern music, and even cornrow hairstyles.
With an abundance of glass beadwork, jewel embellishments and mirrored glass, these lights shine on like crazy diamonds.