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Synonyms for beadlike

small and round and shiny like a shiny bead or button

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Epiphyses widened and flared with irregular, "cupped" epiphyseal-metaphyseal junctions; involvement of the costrochondral junctions produces a row of beadlike prominences often called the "rachitic rosary"
The term "mycotic aneurysm" has been used since 1885 when Osler described beadlike aneurysms resulting from infection on a vessel wall of a patient with bacterial endocarditis (1).
CONTROLLED RELEASE Beadlike granules release nutrients into the soil over several months; longevity depends on formulation.
A spin-polarized current passing through the wire could shunt the beadlike memory regions back and forth past a read-write head at the U's base.
Amazing how all these little words of one, two or three syllables, strung together beadlike, turn into a necklace or a whip.
In late summer, it covers itself with beadlike, brilliant orange berries the size of pinheads; they hold on for more than three months.
The scientists can design the beadlike microspheres to deliver a drug continuously or in pulses over a span ranging from a few hours to 6 months, Cleland said last week in San Francisco at a meeting of the Materials Research Society.