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Synonyms for beading

ornamentation with beads

a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture

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When it is necessary to change threads or stop at the end of a lane, push the needle all the way through the material and knot the thread on the other side of the beading material.
Thread this piece through the eye of the beading needle to the center of the thread.
DVD: Beading in the Native American Style--Medallions.
The book opens with a brief section on the basics of beading.
Reese Witherspoon, right, chose hematite hues with bold beading and the same short hemline that worked so well for her at the Golden Globes.
Beads" offers a series of truly 'user friendly' beading projects that include jeweled gift-wrapping, chain necklaces, clip-on earrings, beaded flowers, evening bags, drop cluster earrings, beaded tablecloths, brooches, holiday decorations, belts, shoe jewelry, cuffs, a lantern candle holder, tassels, and a beaded curtain.
In the wake of all the negative effects of Westernisation robbing Africa of its rich culture, the art of beading remains one of the continent's few surviving traditional industries.
And if you're attempting to tackle some beading, you'll need plenty of the latter.
To my pleasant surprise, beading was a bigger success than I could ever imagine.
It combines beading, secret message making and decoding in a fun new way.
Not to mention, what could be better than the face of a small child as they make their first beading project.
Projects offer supplies lists, stitching specifications, and come packed with full color step-by-step photos and completed images, while the narrowed focus on three common shaped beads assures quick and easy understanding of basic beading approaches.
Of special note is the extensive and illustrated equipment list for the beading enthusiast.