beacon fire

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a fire (usually on a hill or tower) that can be seen from a distance

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One would thus hope for a Chinese translation of Beacon Fire and Shooting Star, as this might contribute significantly to an increased recognition of the Six Dynasties and the Liang in China itself.
I'm looking forward to seeing the beacon fire on Inner Farne from ours at St Abb's Head.
Beer Festival ales will include: Allendale: Beacon Fire, Golden Plover.
Allendale's Beacon Fire chilli beer might be the perfect accompaniment - its fresh vegetable and spicy flavours leave a long-lingering, pleasantly warm glow at the back of the throat.
Frank followed this with explanations of the various types of fires from domestic log fires, bonfires; beacon fires which send messages, forest fires, arson and using fire for gunpowder.
Tonight, beacon fires will be lit on the Inner Farne and St Abb's Head to celebrate Cuthbert's - the Fire of the North - links with the wider region and its nature reserves.
Beacon fires three months in succession, a letter from home worth ten thousand in gold.
On Monday, a musical concert will be held at Buckingham Palace for the public and a chain of beacon fires will be lit in celebration in the evening.
It has been the site for community activities and celebrations for centuries, with beacon fires lit to mark historic milestones such as Sir Francis Drake's defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.
We will have 50 beacon fires on hills on 22 counties on May 1.