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Synonyms for beachhead

a bridgehead on the enemy's shoreline seized by an amphibious operation

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an initial accomplishment that opens the way for further developments

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On February 1 they landed on the beachhead and a day later they replaced the 39th Combat Engineer Regiment on the perimeter's soggy eastern flank.
Wayne Mikkelsen, consul general and trade commissioner of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), Dubai, who was leading the delegation under the Middle East Beachheads program, a government related program for exporters, said many New Zealand companies working internationally focus on high-value niches and have earned a reputation for their flexibility, competitiveness and ability to build successful and enduring relationships.
The Arabs aren't Americans, and Israel isn't a beachhead.
Inspired by Baja and Southern California's laid back beach shacks serving mondo burritos and rippin' tacos, contact Vosloh at Beachhead Partners LLC at 206-779-0216.
He predicted that each withdrawal would diminish the fighting strength of his forces and lead ultimately to the occupation of beachheads where the troops could do no more than hang on.
Iron Mountain's DataDefense, a subscription-based service, is based on innovative technology developed by Beachhead Solutions.
The beachhead of each weekend is attacked by wave after wave of tedious assaults--Mission Impossible, The Rock (Mission Impossible with a story line), The Cable Guy, Eraser, Independence Day (a movie about aliens taking over the White House, a GOP theme).
In fact, the NMBC has developed a strategic program for minority- and women-owned enterprises interested in establishing a beachhead in the South African market.
Cronkite covered World War II - landing with the invading Allied troops in North Africa, covering the battle of the North Atlantic in 1942, taking part in the Normandy beachhead assaults in 1944 and participating as one of the first newsmen in B-17 raids over Germany.
Synthetic biology's impact on the healthcare industry is examined in a newly released report, "Synthetic Biology, A New Paradigm for Biological Discovery" from Beachhead, LLC (http://www.
Not only are we going to be helping American companies with their global real estate needs, but many Asian and Latin companies will be looking to establish a commercial beachhead in New York.
The Germans were watching from high above the Anzio beachhead, a 12-mile stretch of sand in Italy, and now and then, they would shoot a flare to catch sight of the Americans.
Imperva has done an excellent job of establishing a beachhead in Europe," said Jonathan Mepsted.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Representatives of the New Zealand Government today announced the establishment of a beachhead facility in Redwood Shores, CA to further the development of technology partnerships between United States and New Zealand businesses.
The network abandoned its efforts to establish a comedy beachhead on Sundays, canceling the high-profile but critically reviled ``My Big Fat Greek Life'' and shelving ``Becker'' for an unspecified period of time.