beach grass

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tough grasses with strong roots that can grow on exposed sandy shores

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In an effort to restore plover habitat, land management agencies and private landowners have committed to invasive non-native beach grass removal and maintenance of the sparsely vegetated dune habitats these small shorebirds use for nesting.
However, renourishment often is followed by beach grass (Ammophila spp.
Waterford Crystal is unveiling two classically stemmed patterns: Laurel, oversized with a tulip shape, vertical wedge cuts, a band of laurel leaves and elongated stem; and Westhampton, with long vertical wedge cuts that convey the fluidity of beach grass.
The work included planting 100 non-native coconut palms and removing much of the natural vegetation, including giant milkweed, sea pandanus, spider lily and other beach grass whose roots, say Thai environmentalists, hold the sand formations on treasured Maya Beach in place.
Once it's too late, we can evaluate the loss of good grazing that follows the invasion of cheatgrass and yellow star thistle, or the compromising of dune ecology that follows the establishment of European beach grass, Ammophila arenaria.
Members of the Committee on the Ineffable, Let me illustrate this with a story, & ask you all To rest your heads on the table, cushioned, If you wish, in your hands, &, if you want, Comforted by a small carton of milk To drink from, as you once did, long ago, When there was only a curriculum of beach grass, When the University of Flies was only a distant humming.
Volunteers in Delaware, for instance, plant sand-trapping beach grass.
The workstations were renovated with a rich textured wall covering, Sapeli wood and resin panels featuring beach grass accents, and finished with a brown marble transaction top.
The engineers do their work on Lincoln Square, but should immediately take care of the beach grass because it is a safety hazard and is simply not pleasant to look at.
He envisions supporting efforts ranging from fish habitat restoration on the Elk, Sixes and Coquille rivers to creating more habitat for silvery phacelia, a native plant threatened by a loss of habitat to non-native beach grass.
Coopers Beach is a large white sand beach, well-maintained, with great dunes and beach grass.
1 Red-hot poker (Kniphofia uvaria) Its upright green leaves resemble beach grass.
The company is also launching a new solid sheet line of 210 ringspun cotton in 10 muted shades, including sea glass blue, beach grass, beach plum, linen white and sand dune.
And she finds she can't bear it-- not his beautiful neck, stretched and corded, not his hair fallen to one side like beach grass, not the curved wing of his ear, washed thin with daylight, deep pink of the inner body-- what she can't bear is that she can't see his face, not that she thinks this exactly--she is rocking and breathing--it's more her body's thought, opening, as it is, into its own sheer truth.
Fourteen acres of beach grass along the dune will also be placed.