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the erosion of beaches

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Although Maria was downgraded to a tropical storm, beach erosion could pose a significant problem for North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia.
Beach erosion mitigation can be viewed as a particular type of property maintenance.
Research has shown that an important relationship exists between sea level rise and sandy beach erosion [11].
There was a time when beach erosion wasn't a problem on Cape Canaveral a because it was so empty.
For instance, he cites on page 173 the damming of rivers for beach erosion, which is a problem along the California coast, but rarely a factor along the US East and Gulf barrier island coasts.
They are known for producing heavy snow, rain and oversized waves that crash onto Atlantic beaches, often causing beach erosion and structural damage.
7m cu yd of beach-fill material immediately north of the Mirlo Beach community in Rodanthe, North Carolina, which suffered severe beach erosion, dune loss and damage in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy in 2012.
According to the study results, intensified shell collection may have resulted in "multiple, currently unquantifiable, habitat changes such as increased beach erosion, changes in calcium carbonate recycling, and declines in diversity and abundance of organisms, which are dependent on shell availability.
The Christmas swell damaged at least five oceanfront properties in the neighborhood, rekindling a decades-old debate about how best the state and homeowners should respond to beach erosion and the increasingly rising waters of the Pacific Ocean.
Beach erosion is a huge issue for coastal areas in the U.
Recent examples of how the Wall Street Journal provides its readers with news it can use: for mansion owners, the Mansions section describes how an 8,300-square foot dwelling complete with a bowling alley can be moved back 275 feet from the water's edge on Martha's Vineyard, in case of beach erosion.
8220;When we learned the challenges of obtaining a government grant to protect our beaches from erosion, we approached Eco Serendib Villa and Spa as they have a program that allocates funds from reservations to protect against beach erosion.
The agency said while the coastal storm would be "nowhere near as bad as Sandy", the combination of storm surge and wave action could cause minor to moderate flooding and additional beach erosion along the mid Atlantic and New England coast.
A new storm is expected to hit the New York-New Jersey region still shivering and cleaning up after last week's Superstorm Sandy, bringing the threat of 89 km/h gusts and more beach erosion, flooding and rain by Wednesday.