beach erosion

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the erosion of beaches

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Schillo and 30 other Coastwalkers are scheduled to cover about 12 miles by Friday evening, while discussing topics ranging from beach erosion to water contamination.
Charlotte County and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection are paying for the $1 million pilot program under a state grant initiative for innovative beach erosion solutions.
A recent FEMA Study concludes that beach erosion is a serious problem and that "One of every four buildings near a coastline will be destroyed or severely damaged by erosion in the next sixty (60) years.
30, 1995--Plans for a 1,200 foot "Beachsaver" artificial reef to control beach erosion were announced by the Village of Bal Harbour and Breakwaters International Inc.
The City of Sarasota is soliciting proposals for consulting engineering services relative to the preparation of Lido Beach Long Range Beach Management, Lido Beach Erosion Control Services, Shoreline Restoration and Post Storm Restoration Project(s), New Pass Dredging and general City-wide shoreline protection, and post storm response and restoration or customary engineering services for design, permitting and construction coordination on an as needed basis, all in accordance with the provisions of the Consultant s Competitive Negotiations Act (CCNA).
The report rates coastal states for surf zone water quality, shoreline structures, beach erosion and the recognition of surfing areas.
Opponents say the widening and deepening of the inlet will have negative affects to sea grass, snook, coral reef, recreation, manatees, beach erosion, storm surge, safety, the economy and quality of life.
While attending an environmental conference Leanne learned about beach erosion and the devastating effect marine debris has on the beaches.
Description and Scope:This project will provide for the inspection, design, maintenance and repairs for the storm water system infrastructure constructed as part of the Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection Maintenance.
Palm Beach County has received a big check to help with the problem of beach erosion.
There was no beach erosion or flooding on the island.
The original authorized project for Prospect Beach was completed in 1957, and modifications to the Shore Protection and Beach Erosion Control Project were authorized in 1992 under authority contained in Section 103 of the 1962 River and Harbour Act.
Above all, stay away from downed power lines, flooded underground electrical facilities, or equipment exposed by beach erosion.
This storm will likely produce moderate to heavy snowfall across a large portion of the state, and may also result in coastal flooding and beach erosion.
Above all, stay away from downed power lines, flooded underground electrical facilities or equipment exposed by beach erosion.