beach chair

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a folding chair for use outdoors


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IKEA has launched a global recall of more than 33,000 beach chairs after multiple people had their fingertips amputated following the products malfunctioning.
A white beach chair on its side conveyed the impression of a recently abandoned pool; its height also contrasted with the other elements to structure the space, forming a composition to be read from various angles, a kind of three-dimensional painting.
Guests of The Hilton Beach Bar will also relax with cabanas, wooden gazebos, beach chairs and umbrellas as well as other beach amenities, including beachside massages available for a fee.
For example, on the 1999 label the bone was used as a saxophone, the following year as a surfboard and for the current 2002 vintage it is used as a reclining beach chair.
We've been coming here for 10 years,'' said Wanda Stroud of Oxnard, as she lounged in a beach chair, listening to the music.
One of the three photos on the site shows the guitarist totally alone, sitting in a beach chair at a tropical resort, without clothes and without any inhibitions.
This is the place to unfold a beach chair, open a book and read undisturbed for hours.
It's the time of the year to nestle in a beach chair with the sun, a tan and the great American novel of the nanosecond.
Bring a lawn chair or beach chair for comfortable seating, and leave the alcoholic beverages at home.
Additionally they offer beach chairs, beach umbrellas and toys as well as roll away beds and full sets of sheets and blankets.
They Also Offer Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, Coolers & More
Several powered beach chairs are available at different beach locations throughout San Diego County.
turtles to make room for those beach chairs, those sheltering umbrellas.
During the July 6 gathering, waves crashed on the beach, seagulls flew by and a family set up fishing poles, as a dozen people sat on beach chairs to talk.
Formerly owned by the manufacturer of the famous Debro reclining beach chairs, the property featured two freight elevators, two loading docks, two drive-ins and heavy power/heavy floor loads.