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a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes

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Beach Buggies have featured in 1968 movie The Thomas Crown Affair, Bond classic For Your Eyes Only and Mel Gibson's manic Mad Max.
Stephanie Brown, marketing manager, said: "The exhibition is really good fun with a display of vehicles used on the beach and vintage surf boards from Volkswagen Camper Vans and beach buggies to Hot Rods.
The 5,000 or so plovers that still populate the world have the misfortune of needing beaches to bear their young, which can be the same beaches we like to swim from and ride beach buggies on.
Jennifer Saunders, left, is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, and the team discuss beach buggies.
Considering the reports in the press about people being prosecuted for chucking away an apple core, none of the litter droppers seemed troubled by the presence of the police tooling about on beach buggies.
Staff based at Cardiff Gate Business Park are leading a series of roadshows promoting the new drink, with the help of a converted double-decker bus, beach buggies and free giveaways.
BEACH buggies were big business in the early Seventies.
and the Cuban state to build beach buggies here for internal use and export.
For decades in Mexico, old Beetles have been turned into convertibles, lowriders and beach buggies.
Then follow chapters on lures, other needed gear and clothing, surf casting techniques, reading the surf, beach buggies, fishing from jetties, piers, and bridges, and other types of surf fishing.
ON August 12, at 4pm, two beach buggies will process down Bangor Pier to the Whistlestop Cafe as part of a Round Britain Tour of the UK's 57 piers.
Al Madam police station received a call from the parents of the two boys, who said that their sons were playing together while riding their beach buggies when they suddenly disappeared.
Owners of sedans, 4x4s, bakkies and beach buggies may drive anywhere on proclaimed roads and on existing used tracks, except where prohibited, from the Kuiseb Delta to the Ugab River.
Bunikis was a member of the Massachusetts Beach Buggies Association and enjoyed and supported American Legion Baseball.
This is one of several yellow beach buggies tried out by firefighters on a sand and pebble Welsh beach.