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Synonyms for mercy


at the mercy of something or someone: defenceless against


  • defenceless against
  • subject to
  • open to
  • exposed to
  • vulnerable to
  • threatened by
  • susceptible to
  • prey to
  • an easy target for
  • naked before
  • unprotected against

at the mercy of something or someone: in the power of


  • in the power of
  • under the control of
  • in the clutches of
  • under the heel of

Synonyms for mercy

kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others

Synonyms for mercy

leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice

a disposition to be kind and forgiving

the feeling that motivates compassion

something for which to be thankful

Related Words

alleviation of distress

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Perhaps we should be thankful for small mercies, we hear many jobs are facing the axe up and down the country due to council cutbacks forced upon them by this Tory Lib Dem government, dog wardens, pavement sweepers, along with litter bin emptiers must all be wondering if they are still going to have jobs.
Be thankful for small mercies - you won't see rugby coach Rowland Phillips in suspenders ever again, we can reveal.
Let's be thankful for small mercies, though, in that the golf guru has never been tempted to transfer his unique brand of homespun charm, wit and erudition to the racing sphere.
It was hardly the most memorable strike in the long history of derby matches, but with Stoke already being booed by their fans, they will be thankful for small mercies.