be amiss

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Meanwhile, lest anything should really be amiss, or any malefactor seek to escape by the back, you and the boy must go round the corner with a pair of good sticks and take your post at the laboratory door.
It may not be amiss in this place concisely to remark the origin and progress of the idea, which aims at the exclusion of military establishments in time of peace.
As I am speaking of poetry, it will not be amiss to touch slightly upon the most singular heresy in its modern history-the heresy of what is called, very foolishly, the Lake School.
Would it not be amiss of the club who we are often told have a billionaire chairman to get them to undertake the full costs of this junket and not the long suffering taxpayer?
It would not be amiss for us in America to pay more attention to the views of progressive Iraqi spokesmen such as Abdullah Muhsin, who is a longtime fighter against Saddam and is now a representative of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions in London.
If I had to choose one man to bat for my life, it would be Amiss - his desire to occupy the crease and score runs was unmatched in my experience.