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aromatic gum resin

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Bdellium Tools were designed by a group of talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos, California.
Genesis notes that Havilah, a land encircled by the Phison, is full of gold, bdellium, and onyx.
Havilah, the land of bdellium and onyx, or the River Gihon.
This unfortunate incident left the Tom Phelan-partnered Dragut Torghoud in front and he plugged on well enough on the run to the line to hold the staying on Bdellium by two and a half lengths.
Paddy Brennan on Alvaro tried to follow suit but was forced to go the wrong side along with Richard McGrath on Briar's Mist, Colin Bolger on Bdellium and Andrew Tinkler on Isou.
And never have you seen such a palisaded capital as this - there were, not mud huts, but suspended gardens, high white walls, storied palaces shaped from orichalc and bdellium, pools inlaid with gold, arenas for sport, paved streets down which merchant caravans clattered from all the Four Corners and, for King Shabaka and Queen Noi, lodgings heavily upholstered with luxury.
letter word IPA pronunciation A aye /aI/ B bdellium /'dEli[?
Range CLASS OSTEICHTHYES Order Petromyzontiformes (lampreys) Family Petromyzontidae (lamprey) Ichthyomyzon bdellium (Jordon), W, S Ohio lamprey I.