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Taalibe Baay often describe their mission and actions as originating not in themselves but in Baye, an all-encompassing spiritual presence who posthumously assimilates disciples to himself.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Municipalities of Baye, Mellac Quimperl Rden and Trmeven 29300 Mellac Baye Quimperl Rden Trmeven
SICKENER: Odense player Baye Djiby Fall recoils in horror at stricken Wilfred Bouma
Baye gives a pretty moving performance, once some action picks up in the latter half.
Bamba's closest disciple Cheikh Ibra Fall (also known as Lamp Fall) established the Baye Fall movement, who take their name from him, and was the first to wear the patchwork clothes and long dreads that are the Baye Fall trademarks.
In the second half The White House dominated the game and were rewarded when Nathan Bayes scored his second to bring the game level and it was left to substitute Christopher Atkinson to wrap up the match when he struck late in normal time to secure all three points for Billingham The White House.
Thomas Bayes (1701-1761) was a Presbyterian Minister, and how he become interested in statistics and probability is uncertain.
Empirical results show that Bayes estimation outperforms the frequentist approach (maximum likelihood estimation).
Naive Bayes and Genetic Algorithm are applied for classifying texture of agriculture soil data in a research.
En este libro Ramon Bayes reune experencias, impresiones, sentimientos sobre volar y viajar.
Here, in order to overcome the problem, the Bayes theory is introduced to formulate the travel time Bayes risk function of section, which is used to rationally quantify the travel time of section.
This paper attempted to study the Naive Bayes algorithm's performance for dataset of different sizes.
Headteacher Julia Bayes has been with the school since September 2009.
Pastor Thomas Bayes (1702-1761) appears to have had little influence on mathematics outside of statistics where Bayes' Theorem has found wide application.