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Helpless, they watched Koschey crush the bayberry bark and toss it into a bubbling vat in the comer of the cave.
Ingredients include: Damiana, ginseng and bayberry bark,
Contains: Water, sugars, apple juice concentrate, botanical extracts such as ginseng, bayberry bark and prickly ash bark.
Sport & Body: Whether it's CheriyPURETM Freeze Dried Montmorency Tart Cherry for Muscle Recovery, ChlorAxisTm Green Coffee Bean for weight loss; ProMyrTm Bayberry Bark for blood sugar control or EnergySourceTmCarbohydrate Complex for sustained energy, the AGG Sport & Body lineup provides unique competitive advantages unrivaled in the sport and body marketplace.
This is followed by a glass of water and a herbal tablet containing Irish moss, cloves, cornsilk, bayberry bark and rosemary which help cleanse the liver and kidneys as well as the intestines.