bay laurel

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small Mediterranean evergreen tree with small blackish berries and glossy aromatic leaves used for flavoring in cooking

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In the Valley, bay laurel is a conundrum since it cannot receive more than half a day's sun, preferably the morning variety, or it will burn yet, if given too much shade invites scale insect infestation.
Elisa brings a strong finance and operations background from her time as the managing partner at Bay Laurel Capital and as CEO of PartsRiver-Saqqara.
Bay laurel is a popular herb often grown by gardeners.
Bay can be sold as bay, bay laurel or sweet bay, but as long as it is L.
Frutti Di Bosco (Fruit of the Woods) sauces are a blend of exotic ingredients such as handpicked chanterelle mushrooms, California bay laurel, porcini mushrooms and black truffles.
95 *Organic Bay & Chili Wreath/Bay & Chili Swag -- handcrafted using fresh, certified organic red chili and fragrant California Bay Laurel.
Another excellent choice is the 4 1/4-mile Frog Lake Loop, winding up to Pine Ridge before dropping down through bay laurel to Frog Lake.
The relative of poison oak that resembles bay laurel grows up to 15 feet with roots down to 40 feet.
95 -- Bay and Chili Swag / Bay and Chili Wreath -- handcrafted using fresh, certified organic red chilis and fragrant California Bay Laurel.
TreePeople, a Million Tree participant that for 30 years has advocated planting trees to stretch the urban canopy with such trees as California bay laurel and coast live oaks, praised the mayor's plan.
Lazarus became familiar with the use of extracts of tea tree oil, bay laurel, comfrey root, acacia and calendula to provide a broad spectrum of anti-microbial qualities.
Saturday at Bay Laurel Elementary, 24740 Paseo Primario, Calabasas.
After ascending gently for a mile, you'll reach a cluster of redwoods and bay laurel perched beside the sandy pools of Soberanes creek.