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Synonyms for bawler

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

a loud weeper

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There is a pre-conceived thing around Broughy that he is a shouter and a bawler," said Anderson.
Even in the dressing room he got his points across at half-time but was never a shouter or bawler.
I'm a shouter and a bawler, I like to get into the lads and gee them up.
The importance of Hook taking control has been heightened by the personalities around him, with Gavin Henson at inside centre also not renowned as an on-field bawler.
He's not a shouter and bawler, he treats people with respect and the respect is mutual.
Roy Hodgson gave Ross Barkley a taste of the Sunday League side-line bawler at Celtic Park on Tuesday night.
I'm not a shouter or bawler, I think that's a bit old hat, I will convey my message in other ways.
QASIM Sheikh reckons he'll be a bawler not a bowler if he becomes Scotland's full-time cricket captain.
And he admitted Taylor was not a shouter or bawler, but more of a thinking man's captain and player.
He may not be the game's biggest bawler but, with seemingly all the other attributes required of a modern day defender, it was a surprise that no one was willing to take a punt before West Ham boss Alan Pardew snapped him up along with Cardiff City teammate Collins for a combined pounds 3m in July 2005.