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Synonyms for bawler

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

a loud weeper

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I initially thought that I would like to start writing, but I didn't think that I could because I'm dyslexic," says Bawler, whose fulltime role is as a lecturer on the performing arts foundation degree course at Bridgend College.
AWAY from the pitches and the stadiums, Mick McCarthy is not the belligerent bawler people might think him to be.
I'm not a shouter or bawler, I think that's a bit old hat, I will convey my message in other ways.
He is not a shouter or bawler like other players but he has a massive amount of respect in the dressing room and he can use that to give less experienced players a lift.
I am not a shouter and bawler but I am certainly realistic and performances haven't been good enough.
I'm not a shouter and bawler, screaming at my kid or the referee although I've seen and heard a few of those on the touchline.
As the longest-serving player in Everton's squad - he was actually Moyes's first major signing when he arrived initially on loan from Olympique Marseille in the summer of 2002 - the Nigerian certainly has the experience but he'll never be another shouter, bawler and cajoler in the same way as Neville.
They are the ones who do it week in week out and it is important they are happy with what we are doing on the training field and during a game 'I am not a bawler or a screamer, I don't have a short fuse at all, I am pretty patient,' he said, no doubt to the relief of the Unnamed Player.
Nor the cognate Autem Quaver--Autem (church) features in several such diversely targeted compounds' Autem Bawler (parson): Autem Cacklers and Prickears (Dissenters of every denomination); Autem Cackle Tub (a conventicle or meeting-house for Dissenters); Autem Dippers (pickpockets who practise in churches; also churchwardens aim overseers of the poor).
He's a bawler you can hear a mile off when calling a referee brain-dead, police incompetent, the FA liars and managers selfish.
There is a pre-conceived thing around Broughy that he is a shouter and a bawler," said Anderson.
Wynne's cheerful caricature is everyone's idea of the third-rate, eye-rolling bawler parodied so often in old Hollywood movies.
I'm a shouter and a bawler, I like to get into the lads and gee them up.