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Instead of emphasizing a particular body part or sexual act, however, I will consider how certain uses of the word bawdy function through a kind of corporeal imprecision, or, to borrow a term from Jean Feerick and Vin Nardizzi, an "indistinction" of the human body.
Nevertheless, this sampling of male defendants is significant enough to show that men must not have escaped completely in the societies' war on bawdy houses.
My fancy is that the bawdy bard rather enjoys the peace of the little churchyard in the shade of the abbey just the way it is.
Apparently America's gag reflex has finally kicked in, and shoppers complained to the retail chain about its soft-porn fare, causing it to drop the bawdy mags.
During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Southwark was London's bawdy pleasure district; more recently, its cheap warehouse spaces attracted colonies of artists and craftspeople.
Prostitution and commercialized vice--Sex offenses of a commercialized nature, such as prostitution, keeping a bawdy house, procuring, or transporting women for immoral purposes.
Looking for a bawdy comedy that pushes the boundaries of bad taste over the edge and into Yuksville?
Scandals from bawdy brothels, gambling rings, murder, mischief and the police pay-off system that kept the city's squeaky wheels silent;
A VERY ROMAN FAMILY: UNITED REFORMED CHURCH, FOLESHILL SPARE some sympathy for the cast of a bawdy comedy set in Ancient Rome, who despite the icy March weather, will be donning skimpy Togas on stage.
Theraunchy twopart period romp sees newcomer Rebecca Night as Fanny, heading a stellar cast including Alison Steadman (below) as bawdy brothel keeper Mrs Brown, Hugo Speer as a gentleman caller and Samantha Bond as highclass madam Mrs Coles in Andrew Davies's adaptation of the classic erotic novel.
Some archaic Dales language also has resonances of the Bard, not least the bawdy jibes and coarse insults which had a genuinely amused audience giggling away.
The bawdy bachelors are used to giving their guests a tongue-lashing but Starr will probably bite back.
Pros: An inventive, intelligent approach to reframing one of the Fathers of Our Country -- and a way to puncture some of the myth surrounding Washington: As one of the historians drolly points out tonight, young George enjoyed dropping bawdy jokes in his correspondence; an older, wiser Washington, more mindful of his legacy, went through his letters and pruned such material away to preserve his heroic persona.
Labaye, setting aside the conviction of Labaye for keeping a common bawdy house.
The results are as wickedly wonderful as the writings of the defrocked 13th century Bavarian monks whose bawdy poems the music is based upon.