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Pru says she sees Lady Godiva as a unifying force in Coventry communities - and her belief in the role meant she turned down early opportunities to play the part bawdily.
The new series started as Men Behaving Beardedly, moved to Men Behaving Bawdily and in minutes Martin Clunes, Neil Morrissey, Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash had me rocking with laughter.
But then we also had stripper Shanessa this year, bawdily talking about sex or lap dancing on prime time Big Brother, not to mention disgruntled X Factor contestant Rachel Lester.
The Art of Success, by Nick Dear, is said to be surreal yet realistic and disturbing, bawdily outrageous and raucous.
7) Punning on the term purse, Bullock argues that marital affections can be bought and sold and that marital discord can be buried bawdily in the marriage bed where Toby and Dorcas will "sign the Peace" (19).
Dick, we're told, liked to address himself in his college years privately as "Lucky Dick - you big stiff': like Diver's own name, the phrase is bawdily suggestive, specifically of how poorly Dick's aspiration to be more than ordinary men veils a rather commonplace narcissistic attachment to the penis and the fantasies that having one can generate, like the fantasy of being a big stiff Dick.
Belfast-born comic renowned for his bawdily irreverent humour and his catchphrase, "It's the way I tell 'em".