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Her TV role is one of the bawdiest the Beeb has ever seen.
Some of these women writers take on sex so boldly as to shame even the bawdiest male writers.
It includes songs reckoned to be the bawdiest ever heard on the 17th century stage in a concert of music from the streets, theatres, tavern and countryside of Shakespeare's England performed on period instruments.
As I watched the DVD set of season five of ``Sex and the City,'' I chose Samantha (Kim Cattrall) for cello; she is the bawdiest and loudest.
The Cold Feet star sets his sights on sexy Billie Piper - wife of carrot-top DJ Chris Evans - in the BBC's updating of Chaucer's bawdiest romp.
The Jesuits are indeed a worldly bunch, but sexually they are young adolescents dreaming of an outlet for their longings, laughing at the bawdiest limericks, squealing like adolescent boys in a tent after dark, flashlight in hand, as they peruse a tattered Playboy (or Playgirl) magazine.
McClean and Nick Carter are the bawdiest of the Backstreet Boys.
Three overs of derisory trundling from Watson was no substitute for Warne's genius and the bawdiest congregation in England relished it.
One of the rap world's brightest and bawdiest talents, Eminem, nee
Ultimately defeat was harsh on Millwall, but Kenny Jackett's indomitable Lions can take pride in their rise from relegation candidates to the bawdiest congregation since Wembley's rebirth as a pilgrim shrine.
Celebrity bible Vanity Fair recently called 3am the wickedest, bawdiest columnists in Britain in a glowing five-page tribute.