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Shakespeare, in act 4, scene 4, shows Pistol bent on ransoming the Frenchman who yields to him during Agincourt, presumably because the French soldier thinks the bawd a gentleman.
Sir Charles Hanbury Williams witnessed an argument between Fielding and Clive, sparked by his intention of casting her as the bawd in The Wedding Day.
Of the 865 women who returned for the one-week follow-up, 1% from each provider group had had an incomplete abortion, but none had experienced a serious complication that required a blood transfusion or hospitalization, or that resulted in injury to the cervix, uterus or bawd.
BED AND BAWD 3 Jockey Willie CRASHED J Willie with Antony GOTCHA 3 Mark, Fatima and Dougie
From a Bawd that desires a Habitation for the Exercise of her Profession," P, CIII; C, XLVIII.
The lives of the old bawd and the attractive Andalusian embody the life story of a picara: beginning with her successful commerce with male customers, like the young Lozana, and ending with her manipulation of others' sexual desires, like the old go-between Celestina.
This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jeanette Winterson's first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit and VINTAGE BOOKS has taken the occasion to bring out new paperback editions of her other works including Art Objects: Essays on Ecstasy and Effrontery, The PowerBook, Written on the Body, and Arts & Lies: A Piece for Three Voices and a Bawd, each priced at [pounds sterling]7.
She had loved the sly secrets of their intimacy, the stifling of cries in her aunt's darkened house, the opportunity to play the bawd when they at last had a place of their own.
AHRQ Evidence Bawd Practice Links to Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) Evidence Reports.
8) Trethewey identifies the speaker in three poems ("Bellocq's Ophelia," "Photograph of a Bawd Drinking Raleigh Rye," and "Vignette") as the "voice of the viewer" of Bellocq's photographs; this is "that voice which is closest to the poet's" ("Inscriptive" 1029).
The final two freestanding poems, "Photograph of a Bawd Drinking Raleigh Rye" and "Vignette," both focus on the art of photography and the activity of looking.
Some of these are just mild slips: Lucio is not married to the bawd Mistress Overdone at the end of Measure for Measure, but to an unnamed prostitute he got pregnant (p.
77) She was alternately portrayed as a bawd or a witch, while other portraits played off of her career as midwife, accusing her outright of infanticide.
The letters also describe the diversity of forms of life and character of women during the Restoration, from "Lady Puritan" and "preaching Sister," to courtesan and bawd.