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an old Scottish coin of little value

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In those days, when Ferguson was winning trophies, the much-missed Chris Anderson was attending to administrative matters and chairman Donald was counting the bawbees, red was the colour of the team's shirts - not the club's bank statements.
Canny businessfolk, they've always been good at looking after the bawbees.
They'll be hard to spend, though, as I predict the new currency will be divided into its original pre-1707 component parts of doyts, bodles, placks, bawbees and merks, which nobody will be able to understand without the calculator they'll sell.
50) who finished in second spot three times last season as a beaten fav, costing punters, myself included, more than a few bawbees.
They have to stand on their own feet as well as keeping a careful watch on the bawbees.
Is this the same Sean Connery who has spent years campaigning for the Scottish Nationalists, who dreams of an independent Scotland, presumably without a monarch to hand out such nice little bawbees as knighthoods?
The bulging coffers at Manchester United have been swelled by his hard graft and shrewd use of the bawbees.
Not ancient reruns of programmes which were never that good the rst time we saw them and something which is vaguely Scottish and cost two bawbees to make.
Might not there be a few bawbees left over from that to pay for a website?
For my money - and yours as well, since it's Gordon Brown's job to look after it - I'd much rather have a Chancellor who served Sainsbury's non-vintage bubbly to his wedding guests and flew economy to his honeymoon destination than one who squandered his bawbees with the abandon of a drunken seaman.
Hasselbaink sums up the new Leeds, a canny signing by Graham, who still has to watch the bawbees.
The Golden Jubilee and July Cup winner, sent many punters to the poorhoose when second to 100-1 chance Sole Power in the Nunthorpe, and will hopefully get a chance to redeem himself, and recoup some bawbees.
As well as making any man who wears waistcoat, kilt and lace at the throat look a million bawbees, the kilt is as much an official evening dress as any Sassenach's dickie bow and penguin suit.
It's well known that every Scotsman likes to keep his bawbees in his pocket.
However if you must get involved, you could do worse than a few bawbees e/w on Ferdy Murphy's NINE DE SIVOLA (1.