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Synonyms for baulk

the area on a billiard table behind the balkline

one of several parallel sloping beams that support a roof


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refuse to comply

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After being contacted by the Sunday Mail, an Inside Track spokesman said: "Mr Baulk used to work as a consultant for us but we shall now be suspending him indefinitely.
Baulk, 37, bought the homes in a trendy development near Ocean Terminal, in Leith, Edinburgh, and rented them out.
Baulk, a self-employed property investor, bought 12 flats at the trendy Western Harbour development in June 2006.
pounds 650 & pounds 620 High Baulk, pounds 615 Hedley West Riding, pounds 595 Tarset Hall, pounds 592 Cornhills, pounds 590 Brownsleazes, pounds 580 High Baulk, pounds 575 Cornhills, pounds 570 & pounds 565 Horse Holme, pounds 560 Hollin Close, pounds 550 Horse Holme, pounds 540 High Baulk, pounds 530 Greyside, pounds 528 Cornhills, pounds 525 & pounds 520 Greyside, pounds 520 Redesmouth, pounds 515 Cornhills & Westerkirk.
pounds 610 Heatherslaw, pounds 552, pounds 535 (x2) & pounds 532 High Baulk, pounds 530 Blackhalls, pounds 515 Horse Holme, pounds 505 & pounds 490 Heatherslaw, pounds 475 The Follions, pounds 468 Hollin Close, pounds 455 Heatherslaw & High Baulk, pounds 452 & pounds 450 Heatherslaw, pounds 448 Tarset Hall, pounds 420 Hedley West Riding, pounds 405 Hollin Close, pounds 402 Tarset Hall.