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one of a pair of swinging doors (as at the entrance to a western saloon)

formed or shaped like a bat's wing

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Optics include a die-formed high reflectance white powder coat reflector, flush mounted snap-in acrylic lens, and proprietary batwing optics for vertical light distribution.
Flutter those falsies and get set to spook with these batwing lashes.
Current--in order to reach those high candela numbers in their batwing distribution and keep costs low, many manufacturers may dial up the drive current in order to increase the output of their LEDs.
Celia wears black silk batwing PS115 and black silk maxi skirt PS170 by Stella & Alf.
This Sass and Bide batwing sweater with a low back, is PS130 and new in now.
005 - Dh570 - Jersey batwing dress with crochet band
They consistently point to the B-2 batwing stealth bomber as the poster child for a military procurement gone awry.
The dress was a delicate flowing wraparound with batwing sleeves and a love knot in gold lame embroidered with crystals.
He wears: trousers, pounds 60; jumper, pounds 50; belt, pounds 15 Batwing dress, pounds 95; patent shoes, pounds 100
They have loads of flattering outfits like the sexy stripy top on the right (complete with mega-flattering batwing arms).
The batwing sleeve, cowl neck, footless tights and mini skirts, bomber jackets, pussy cat bows, sweater dresses chunky gold jewellery (think jet set, not ghetto fabulous) and stiletto courts are bringing on Dynasty flashbacks.
Swimsuit-feel shorts slick to the skin a la Kylie's goldie version in her Spinning Around vid are a knockout when teamed with the season's drop-sleeved and chiffon batwing tops.
Two portable shelters for the batwing bombers have been erected on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
Along with batwing sleeves and ra-ra skirts, the mullet conjures up everything that's bad taste about the 1970s and 80s.
Off The Rails reports why mullets, batwing jumpers and quarter-back shoulder-pads are back and cool again.