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large and heavily armoured warship

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At the Jacksonville Beach Pier, regulars include Northeast skippers who run everything from bluewater battlewagons to flats boats.
55) The battlewagons arduous transit lent credence to Mahanian advocacy on behalf of an isthmian canal.
The fit and finish of this seaworthy bowrider is normally reserved for flybridge battlewagons but don't let the plush facade fool you.
The Islamic Courts Union, a popular uprising built around traditional Islamic Sharia courts and financed by fed-up businessmen, collected the warlords' guns and rounded up their battlewagons.
It allows the reader to follow the reformation process from a sail and ironclad naval service, through the times of large-caliber battlewagons, to the emergence of the carrier battle forces of World War II fame.
Submarine Admiral: From Battlewagons to Ballistic Missiles by I.
Although the so-called battlewagons managed to hang on for nearly 50 years after the war, they were decommissioned after the Gulf War, apparently for good.
The surviving battlewagons of Pearl Harbor were never shackled like a ball and chain to the fast carrier task forces.