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large and heavily armoured warship

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He also took a swipe at the that middle-class battlewagon the Volvo Estate.
Like the boots and the Battlewagon, Kilauea volcano itself is falling apart.
American cruisers were already trading fire with French shore batteries when, at 7:00, the incomplete but still deadly jean Bart opened up on the shiny-new Bay State battlewagon.
If you are lucky enough to own a 50-foot battlewagon or a high-speed center console, the numerous deepwater oil rigs off Alabama and Louisiana offer some unique opportunities.
Not needing a fishing battlewagon, their Twin Vee provides a stable platform to troll and bottom fish from; however, it lacks some obvious things that boats rigged for offshore fishing usually have.
Scott Kinney, of North Rip Boats, describes the 21 as a "pocket battlewagon," and with good reason, as a single 200-horsepower engine (max) can punch the boat to 50 mph, traveling up to 185 miles on a single 90-gallon fuel tank.
The overnighters, the battlewagons, I'm more in this crowd, and the rig trips I love more than any other fishing adventure in Florida, but now we just share it.
55) The battlewagons arduous transit lent credence to Mahanian advocacy on behalf of an isthmian canal.