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an arrangement of sights that makes possible the rapid aiming of a firearm at short ranges


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Caption: The Wilson Combat Tactical Battlesight is elevation adjustable and tough.
1 oz Finish: Blackened stainless (slide): anodized aluminum (frame) Grips: Wilson Combat G10 Sights: Fiber optic (front); adjustable Wilson Combat Tactical Battlesight (rear) Trigger: 3 lbs.
SIGHTS: adjustable Wilson Combat Tactical Battlesight rear, fiber-optic front
After the battlesight zero has been obtained, the rear sight must be calibrated.
After the successful introduction of the Troy DOA BattleSight, several other accessories for the M16/AR-15 system were introduced, to include rails, slings and full weapon upgrades.
The Troy SDMR, one of their finest and most desired rifles, comes complete with two Troy BattleMags, Troy IC (Individual Carbine) sling, Troy BattleSights and factory manual.
SIGHTS: white-outline tritium front, notch Battlesight rear
However, I wasn't about to shoot at a deer at 300 yards or even 200, so we brought the steel muntjac in to 50 yards and dropped the battlesight all the way down.
Army doctrine during the M14's era prescribed a battlesight zero of 250 meters.
New with the X-TAC is a ramp front sight with a green fiber-optic insert, matched with the company's rear U-notch Battlesight.
com) Di-Optic Aperture (DOA) folding rear BattleSight Available in either black or flat dark earth, this emergency rear sight provides extremely fast target acquisition because of its unique, optically engineered apertures, which center the operator's eye instantly, providing a much clearer target picture than conventional round apertures.
Lining all three dots up in a horizontal position the two at the rear and the one of the front sight--gives you a quick and precise battlesight picture.
Troy Industries folding BattleSights are also included.
In order to assess the accuracy of the PAR, I folded down the included set of Troy BattleSights and mounted a Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 DMR 3.
This company provides battlesights, battleslings and battlerails
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