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Synonyms for battlemented

protected with battlements or parapets with indentations or embrasures for shooting through

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having or resembling repeated square indentations like those in a battlement

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They are invariably square or rectangular structures enclosed by high battlemented curtain walls (the largest of the surviving sarais is the one at Chhatta and covers a square of side c.
Spiked and battlemented, it spearheads through sand troughed by the receding tide, as if to lumber out to sea (Barber Institute, Birmingham).
On a nearby ridge is Lemmington Branch, an 18th Century farmhouse complete with towers and battlemented.
Closely resembling its counterpart in Arzila, the three-storey keep was crowned with a battlemented platform and corner bartizans (matacaes).
Yet Shakespeare's "attention to realistic detail accompanies the Bastard's reproach to the citizens on their battlemented auditorium.
The museum, whose battlemented form is affectionately known by locals as "the castle" had to undergo significant structural work to protect the new collection it would house.
Go through the waymarked bridlegate to pass the battlemented dovecote and a walled garden on the left and the church hidden among the trees on the right.
Over your head Mount Davidson lifted its gray dome, and before and below you a rugged canon clove the battlemented hills, making a somber gateway through which a soft-tinged desert was glimpsed, with the silver thread of a river winding through it, bordered with trees which many miles of distance diminished to a delicate fringe; and still further away the snowy mountains rose up and stretched their long barrier to the filmy horizon--far enough beyond a lake that burned in the desert like a fallen sun, though that, itself, lay fifty miles removed.
HAMLET opens on a state of incipient alarum, with martial vigilance on the battlemented "platform' (act 1, scene 2, line 252) of Elsinore and conspicuous "post-haste and rummage in the land" (1.
The complex consists of the main family quarters, disposed on either side of a double-height living room and balconied hall, and concentrated centrally in a two-storey building, its massing and battlemented silhouette evoking in Western minds filmic associations with desert fortresses.
opening under an archway, battlemented on the top, and adorned with
jagged peaks were cleft in the most fantastic fashion, and fretted and worn by the action of the air and moisture into forms, some bearing the semblance of delicate Gothic spires, others imitating with surprising closeness the bolder outlines of battlemented buttresses and lofty towers.