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To learn more about how you can gain more wins on the customer experience battleground, read Data-Driven Customer Experiences: The New Battleground for Winning Customer Loyalty at: MyCustomerPaper.
With Battleground Texas as her field operation, Davis earned a smaller percentage of the vote - and fewer votes total - than former Houston Mayor Bill White, the party's gubernatorial nominee in 2010.
Winning also depends on our ability to conquer the philosophical battleground as well.
The Lib Dem-Con swing across the battleground was 3.
We think Battleground has the potential to redraw the competitive PC gaming landscape and solidify Xfire as a leader in this growth-oriented space.
A majority of polls in the battleground states - especially in the Midwestern states of Iowa, Wisconsin and Ohio - showed Obama with a slight advantage, giving him an easier path to the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.
In the final week before the 2012 election, all evidence suggests that the White House race between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney is locked in a dead heat, with both candidates within striking distance of victory in nearly every battleground state.
But under the current system, two-thirds of the states are ignored during presidential campaigns, and too many subsequent presidential policy decisions are made based on the needs of battleground states.
Lebanon is a battleground which external powers do not allow to be turned into a state," Fadlallah said during his Friday sermon.
Chris, of Gateshead, has just released a new book called Battleground aimed at children from nine to 12 years old.
The Battleground series provides references to inform debate on major issues in the US, and the topic of these volumes is the impact of religion on modern social and political issues.
Forget political battlegrounds, Michigan has become the battleground state for direct shipment issues.
Mr McCain was speaking as the latest average of polls showed his Democratic rival Barack Obama has a clear six-point lead nationally, with the edge in most of the battleground states.
MIDDLESBROUGH Ju Jitsu Club host Battleground 10 at the Redcar Bowl this Saturday night.
As a campaign strategist, the winning calculus is simple: you ignore the safe states and focus on the handful of battleground states that decide the winner.