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scarred by battle

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Amos had visited Damascus last March to urge the government to grant aid-workers access to its most battle-scarred cities, where she met with a number of Syrian officials, including health and education ministers.
Guns fell quiet in Homs yesterday as United Nations observers toured the battle-scarred Syrian city.
I'm sure this wonderful project will help those who have suffered with serious injuries or been left battle-scarred.
They are putting together an army to overthrow the guardians, led by the majestic Boron (Richard Roxburgh) and battle-scarred Ezylryb (Geoffrey Rush).
The Guild Leader's Handbook: Strategies and Guidance from a Battle-Scarred MMO Veteran teaches the basics of rolepaying games and how to lead a guild in a multiplayer online game.
A SOLDIER from Britain's most battle-scarred unit in Afghanistan - 3rd Battalion The Rifles - was killed by a suicide bomber yesterday.
PERCHED on top of a battle-scarred compound in southern Afghanistan, a company of Royal Marines provided protection for a raid to uncover Taliban bombs.
I feel it is deplorable that our country should have made these battle-scarred heroes fight our legal system to be given the right to remain here.
The unit, part of 2nd Medical Brigade, has spent the last four months providing a comprehensive range of services to soldiers and civilians in the Field Hospital based at Camp Bastion in the battle-scarred Helmand Province.
Many still suffer the depression, the nightmares and the flashbacks of battle-scarred soldiers.
Photographer Joe Rosenthal, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his immortal picture of six Second World War soldiers raising an American flag over battle-scarred Iwo Jima, has died.
Many residents congregating outside the church in the battle-scarred West Bank town concurred by expressing the hope the spirit of Christmas would shine brightly on Bethlehem after four years of conflict with Israel, since a Palestinian uprising began in September 2000.
The US military is drawing up plans to keep insurgents from regaining control of this battle-scarred city, but returning residents may find that the measures make Fallujah look more like a police state than the democracy they have been promised," reported a December 5 Boston Globe dispatch from Iraq.
Neither player has started the new season in sparkling form, but young Lynn, seventh in Madeira in 2000 and 2001, is the less battle-scarred and is likely to approach the event in the better frame of mind.
The Great Fire' was meant to be a brief follow up after her 1980 National Book Award win, but now encompasses the detailed post Hiroshima landscape of Japan, and the complicated love affair between a young Australian girl and a battle-scarred soldier.