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scarred by battle

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That the team's battle-scarred leader is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a mild kick to this otherwise strained attempt at a latter-day "Wild Bunch" or "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" updated to the mean streets of metro Atlanta.
Battle-scarred veterans are depicted as both victims and heroes in this explosive police thriller.
Speaking at the first Community Banking in the 21st Century conference, Bernanke said, 'As battle-scarred survivors of a financial crisis and a deep recession, community bankers today confront a frustratingly slow recovery, stiff competition from larger banks and other financial institutions, and the responsibility of complying with new and existing regulations.
BATTLE SCARRED Battle-scarred young soldiers coming home from war Some have trouble putting behind them the horrors they saw A small number of soldiers came home very deeply troubled Their life as they knew it has now crumbled Their peace of mind has been blown away Having witnessed the unspeakable on several forays Some come home with the guilt of survival And some already suffer great trauma on their arrival Trauma can manifest on civvies' street With depression and becoming downbeat Soldiers risk their lives going into battle Ex-soldiers are treat no better than sheep or cattle These ex-warriors need physical and financial help Not hid away on the back shelf.
The battle-scarred might judge this as ludicrous, but to many others this was a tenor-inducing threat.
Amos had visited Damascus last March to urge the government to grant aid-workers access to its most battle-scarred cities, where she met with a number of Syrian officials, including health and education ministers.
Guns fell quiet in Homs yesterday as United Nations observers toured the battle-scarred Syrian city.
I'm sure this wonderful project will help those who have suffered with serious injuries or been left battle-scarred.
The Guild Leader's Handbook: Strategies and Guidance from a Battle-Scarred MMO Veteran teaches the basics of rolepaying games and how to lead a guild in a multiplayer online game.
A SOLDIER from Britain's most battle-scarred unit in Afghanistan - 3rd Battalion The Rifles - was killed by a suicide bomber yesterday.
PERCHED on top of a battle-scarred compound in southern Afghanistan, a company of Royal Marines provided protection for a raid to uncover Taliban bombs.
I feel it is deplorable that our country should have made these battle-scarred heroes fight our legal system to be given the right to remain here.
Many still suffer the depression, the nightmares and the flashbacks of battle-scarred soldiers.
Photographer Joe Rosenthal, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his immortal picture of six Second World War soldiers raising an American flag over battle-scarred Iwo Jima, has died.
Unlike battle-scarred Hannibal, he descended from the north, but landed in the same country, if slightly less scathed.