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an arrangement of sights that makes possible the rapid aiming of a firearm at short ranges


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45 ACP has a capacity of eight rounds, with a 5-inch barrel, G10 Starburst grips and Battle sight with fiber optic front.
M1 Garands had 24" barrels with perhaps the best battle sight ever put on a rifle.
Sights consisted of a drift-adjustable front blade dovetailed into a square base welded to the top of the shroud, a rear ladder-style with a leaf graduated from 450 to 2,050 meters, a nonadjustable 250-meter battle sight and a flip-up 350-meter notch.
It still sports the original rear sight calibrated to 2,400 meters, or when flipped forward, exposes a fixed, 250 meter battle sight.
It also employed many of the same components, such as a ladder rear sight graduated to 2,400 meters, with a flip-over 250-meter battle sight and notched front sight.
The Marine Corps was not satisfied with the M1905 sight and adopted a new type: the front sight with a thicker undercut blade and the rear sight changed so it only had the open battle sight and then a single large aperture on the slider.
The rear sight is wzor-88 correct, showing an "S" for the battle sight setting when the slide is brought fully to the rear.
The sights are similarly adjustable from the 200-meter battle sight to the top of the elevator staff at 1,600m.