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plan for conducting a battle

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THE letter about battle plans of the First World War by Jeffrey Woolston did absolutely nothing for me at all.
For libertarians who have watched the Bush-era GOP disgrace itself on spending, entitlement reform, federalism, and much more, it's a battle plan that looks more attractive every year.
Even if you only have a five- to 10-minute cruise, it's enough time to do at least one part of the success equation, check out notes before a morning test or make a battle plan for the day's classes.
But while the MP was discussing coastal erosion, a thief smashed the back window of his Mercedes and ran off with his computer bag containing the Cameron battle plan.
You'll leave the course with a battle plan to resolve quality questions at your own health care organization.
A coalition formed to eradicate an invasive nonnative plant in the Santa Clara River system has hired a national environmental consulting company to come up with a battle plan.
Parents from the village of Merthyr Vale, who were devastated by the Aberfan disaster after a number of local children died in the tragedy, met last night to draw up a battle plan to fight proposals to destroy a memorial to their dead.
The Cancer Battle Plan will be held on June 19 and 20 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.
Also on the site will be details of Clark's 2004 presidential run as well as his battle plan that he would put into effect should he be elected.
The first pleasure of the caper film is savoring the perfect execution of an intricate and complex battle plan, enjoying the sweet syncopation as all the prearranged chords and beats come together in a lush and lively melody, and our conductor gets every singer to hit their note dead on and just in time.
In fact, you might be surprised to know that Mother Nature has a battle plan of her own (even if her ground troops sometimes have a face that only a mother could love).
Around the base of this sand castle of the id were scratched Xs, Os, and arrows, indicating a battle plan for an assault on the citadel- doodles drawing "a line in the sand.
FOR ALL THE SUCCESS OF ITS battle plan in Iraq and the laser-guided missiles that obliterated their targets in Baghdad, it's hard not to think that America wins wars today as much because of the depth of its pockets as the sharpness of its minds.
A hand-drawn sketch by Admiral Nelson, illustrating the detailed battle plan he was to use at Trafalgar, has been found during research at the National Maritime Museum.
The battle plan involved joining the efforts of the AAIPT, which stood up in 1999, with similar teams set up by the other services.