battle of wits

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a contest in which intelligence rather than violence is used

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After a wild and drunken time in the casinos, they wake up to find they have married each other and won $3m - leading to a battle of wits over who gets the money.
Taken all together this title provides a bona fide explosive gaming experience that will keep you entertained while immersing you in a strategic battle of wits.
The show will see eight American contenders and eight British rivals engage in a battle of wits and strategy in a quest to take home a funded business venture worth up to $1 million.
Brian confronts the magician named in a tipoff and becomes embroiled in a battle of wits.
Weiner has a wonderfully deep voice for narrating this battle of wits, and, in addition, he has the ability to develop the characters through their voices.
A high stakes poker game in Montenegro, overseen by sexy Treasury official Vesper Lynd (Green), sparks the rest of the plot, including a battle of wills with Le Chiffre's deadly girlfriend Valenka (Milicevic) and a battle of wits with senior intelligence officer M (Dench).
places Timmy in a battle of wits, skill, and determination against his old nemesis, Mister Carbuncle, whose schemes to accelerate the depletion of the ozone layer and melt the ice around Toyland is making even Santa Claus desperate for help.
6 The game is no longer a battle of skill between two teams, it's a battle of wits to see who can con the ref the most.
Tolkien even revised ``The Hobbit'' after he started writing ``The Lord of the Rings,'' creating the ``Riddles in the Dark'' chapter in which Bilbo engages in a battle of wits with Gollum.
The men and the women fined themselves engaged in a battle of wits and wills in this superbly written, 206-page Regency romance that engages the readers total attention from first page to last.
I found the movie compelling because just as the main characters in the movie try to push their manipulative and scheming instincts to their maximum in a battle of wits they actually succumb to their kinder and gentler side.
Flabby John Travolta in battle of wits with ex-wife's new psycho hubby.
In Jurassic Park, Laura Dern's near-deadly encounter with a velociraptor plays like a narrow escape from a slasher in a horror flick, while Sam Neill's match-up with Tyrannosaurus Rex is a more of a battle of wits.
She is mounting her best attack in this battle of wits, and, as in any other contest, it makes sense to try to knock your opponents out of the ring altogether.
BRILLIANT is a fast-moving battle of wits in which a female jewel thief (Johansson) teams up with a daring conman to pull off the biggest heist in history; but nothing is quite as it seems and there is more than one twist in this sexy tale.