battle of Tannenberg

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Those troops arrived too late, however, to be of any effect for the ensuing Battle of Tannenberg (27-30 August 1914).
This elaborately illustrated account of the Battle of Tannenberg attempts to recuperate the facts from the myths that have surrounded the event from its occurrence in 1410 through World War II.
In August 1914, Solzhenitsyn shows us, through the character of Vorotyntsev, that there was nothing inevitable about the great Russian disaster at the Battle of Tannenberg.
The novel treats Germany's crushing victory over Russia in their initial military engagement of World War I, the Battle of Tannenberg.
Among books published this year was August 1914 by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a novel of the first weeks of World War I and culminating in the Russian defeat in the Battle of Tannenberg.
Add to this an estimated loss of over 250,000 rifles at the disastrous Battle of Tannenberg in the opening months of the war and it becomes rather obvious the Russians could not sustain the war effort for very long without substantial help from her allies.
The order's defeat at the battle of Tannenberg (Grunwald) in 1410 essentially settled its fate: within a few years the Teutonic Knights had become a minor military power, and they employed what resources they could spare against the Hussites and Turks with little success.